Cobblestone Wall Set - Paintable 3D Printed Tabletop Gaming Scenery and Terrain

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We just released a new 3D printed tabletop gaming terrain product - Cobblestone Wall Set. It could be used for medieval, contemporary, and futuristic war game settings and battles and is best used with 25-30mm scale miniatures. You can find them on our website, amazon, or click on the picture above! ^

Details: These were made using a 3D printer with PLA plastic. Primer may be necessary in order for paint to adhere properly. Quantity and dimensions are as follows:

• 1 - Cobblestone Wall with Archway - 163 x 86 x 90 mm
• 1 - Cobblestone Wall with Double Window - 73 x 172 x 90 mm
• 1 - Long Cobblestone Wall - 162 x 13 x 50 mm

for only $19.99! 

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