Shop update - Urban scenery, medieval bridges, and miniature bases

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Check out this week's release lineup!

Metro City Set - EnderToys Terrain

First up, we have a new terrain pack featuring city scene buildings and obstacles. Our Metro City Set is a collection of urban scenery made to accommodate larger, 40mm scale miniatures.

Cobblestone Bridges - EnderToys Terrain

Next up, we have a 2-pack of Cobblestone Bridges. These 22.8cm long overpasses will be extremely useful for traversing impassable ground. Perhaps some rushing waterways are in the works? Stay tuned!

32mm Wasteland Bases - EnderToys Terrain

A new addition to our collection of textured bases, these 32mm Wasteland Bases resemble a desolate landscape.

.75 Inch Circular Bases - EnderToys Terrain1 Inch Circular Bases - EnderToys Terrain

Lastly, we've added a couple of sizes to our collection of plain bases. We now offer .75 Inch Circular Bases—great for small monsters and props—as well as 1 Inch Circular Bases—perfect for 25-28mm miniatures.

Subscribers can save 20% on these items until March 16, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST with discount code 10MAR20—sign up here.

Not what you're looking for? Don't fret, as we are always releasing new terrain and open to new ideas. Get in contact and let us know what you'd like to see us make next.

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