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About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission at EnderToys Terrain is to provide innovative, customizable products. Our goal is to improve tabletop gaming experiences by bringing the game to life with our high quality, 3D printed terrain. Our vision is to make additive manufacturing a more viable option for our customers.

Core Values




 Our History

We started our journey in 2011, when Jesus Diaz founded Endertoys. In the beginning, we developed a variety of applications for the app store. One of the apps, a skin creator for Minecraft, blew up. So we designed a physical product that could be customized online, manufactured in house and shipped. Since then, we've transformed into EnderToys Terrain and transitioned into the world of tabletop gaming terrain. We manufacture our own products in our warehouse located in Las Vegas, NV, USA. We produce 3D printed scenery and terrain set pieces for tabletop games. Our pieces could be used for RPG's (role-playing games) such as Dungeons and Dragons or miniature wargaming such as Warhammer 40k, etc. Our products are suitable for medieval, contemporary, and futuristic war game settings and battles. Customization has always been important to us, from the very first apps we developed, customizing your character's skin, to our now 3d printed scenery products that are fully paintable and customizable for our customers!

Our Team

President: Jesus Diaz

Manager: Alex Longbrake

Lead Designer: Raul Rodriguez

3D Printer Technician: Steve Lohmeyer

3D Printer Technician: Andres Reyes

Fulfillment Associate: AJ Longbrake

Fulfillment Associate: Brooke McCarthy

Designer: Pamela Pura

2D/3D Printer Technician: Jasmine Leones

Assembler: Zach McDonald

Marketing: Allisha Reyes