Our Mission

To provide an array of accessories made to enhance tabletop gaming experiences at the most competitive prices.

Core Values


Our History

Originally coined to market a line of customizable action figures, EnderToys® is a registered trademark and an all-encompassing brand of consumer goods manufactured and distributed by Seus Corp Ltd. in Las Vegas, NV.

Established by Jesus Diaz in 2011, Seus Corp Ltd. was originally focused on developing applications for the iOS platform. These utilities were primarily dedicated to aiding users in the popular sandbox building game Minecraft. After the company achieved substantial success, in order to expand an investment was made in an idea to provide a service that would compliment its best seller–a Minecraft skin creator. Conceived by Raul Rodriguez, the first 3D printed Pixelaction Figure™ was produced in the spring of 2013. Simply EnderToys at the time of inception, the name was derived from and a tribute to Minecraft's "Ender" motif. To keep up with increasing demands and better produce a product that could withstand the handling of young children, in 2015 fused deposition modeling was all but abandoned in exchange for mass manufacturing with its utilization being limited to smaller, novelty products.

In 2017 the business began to evolve yet again with a revitalized interest in 3D printing. A shared childhood pastime would inspire the veterans of the company to employ 4 years of experience in this technology to create a new line of tabletop terrain. Jesus and Raul grew up together, painting Citadel Miniatures at each other's house after school and playing Warhammer 40,000 at their FLGS on weekends. Over 20 years later, they've found a way back into the hobby, looking to provide something they lacked on their tables at home.