Modern Terrain Value Box

EnderToys Terrain

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Product features

  • Immerse your miniatures in an eye-catching battlefield or role-playing adventure landscape with our highly detailed scenery.
  • This tabletop scenery is suitable for a variety of miniatures ranging from 25-40mm in scale.
  • We fill a 7x7x7" container with less than perfect 3D prints.
  • 3D printed using PLA, an eco-friendly plastic—color may slightly vary depending on available material.
  • No assembly required; models are supplied unpainted—primer is necessary for paint to adhere properly.

* Our value boxes contain 3D prints that were not up to our highest standard. The overall quality is good but may require slightly more care to achieve the best aesthetic. Though we try our best to make each package cohesive, due to limits in available inventory incomplete buildings or mismatched parts may be included. By acknowledging this, the customer assumes full responsibility for their purchase and accepts that all sales are final.

What’s inside the box

  • Randomly assorted contemporary period terrain and bits of varying sizes is included in every package!

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